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“Angel investors play a vital role in the economy, bringing patient capital, business experience and skills to support the growth of smaller businesses.”

Regional Angels Programme

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The Regional Angels Programme helps reduce regional imbalances in access to early stage equity finance for smaller businesses across the UK.

The programme seeks to increase the aggregate amount of early stage equity capital that is available to smaller businesses with high growth potential across the UK. It aims to raise the profile and professionalism of angel investment activity and to attract further third-party capital alongside business angels while generating a market rate of return.

At Spending Review 2021, the government announced £150 million of funding over three years for the Regional Angels Programme. 

Partner With Us

The Request for Proposals for our Regional Angels Programme is now downloadable, along with an accompanying Track Record Pro-forma.

If you have any queries about the programme, please contact:

Mark Barry

Email: click to contact via sending an email