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British Business Investments is a commercial subsidiary of the British Business Bank, and supports the Bank towards achieving its strategic objectives.

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Debt Finance

Our Investment Programme supports providers of all types of debt finance to smaller businesses in the UK. We are increasing and diversifying the supply of debt finance by working with new market entrants and supporting the growth of alternative lenders.

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Equity Capital

Our equity programmes invest in large-scale, private sector managed funds of funds providing later stage capital, as well as alongside business angels and other early stage equity investors. These investments unlock additional finance to support business growth across the UK.


What we do

Smaller businesses are a vital part of the economy. They make up the overwhelming majority of businesses in the UK, employ millions of people and are responsible for almost half of private sector turnover. Their success helps to fuel UK productivity and economic growth.

Our role, as a commercial subsidiary of the British Business Bank, is to increase the overall supply and diversity of finance – both product and provider – on offer to UK smaller businesses. We do this while providing value for money for UK taxpayers.

We do not finance small businesses directly, but instead work with the market to provide funding through our delivery partners. Our partners have investment programmes for a broad range of small and high growth businesses across sectors, regions and business stages.

Although we are Government-owned, we are managed independently. We have a clear mission, but with a high degree of flexibility to deliver our objectives, guided by our independent Board and investment committees. We design programmes and chose investments in response to needs and gaps in the market and continually look for new methods and partners to address the challenges small businesses face.

Coronavirus and Covid-19

All of us have already been affected in some way by the spread of the Coronavirus and the Covid-19 outbreak. This is obviously a very challenging time and although the near-term outlook is uncertain, we remain committed to the continued delivery of our investment programme.

The British Business Investments team is now working from home with internal and external meetings conducted via video conference. Fortunately, we have robust, tested and secure IT infrastructure in place and have enacted our Business Continuity Plan. All our team members are equipped with the hardware and software they need to fully carry out their roles remotely.

In short, we are very much open for business

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Our commitments

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Supporting financial diversity
BBI's Strategic Objectives of Supply, Diversity of Funding, Regional Access and Returns
Our strategic and commercial objectives

Our partners