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What We Do

Smaller businesses are a vital part of the economy. They make up the overwhelming majority of businesses in the UK, employ millions of people and are responsible for almost half of private sector turnover. Their success helps to fuel UK productivity and economic growth.

Our role, as a commercial subsidiary of the British Business Bank, is to increase the overall supply and diversity of finance – both product and provider – on offer to UK smaller businesses. We do this while providing value for money for UK taxpayers.

We do not finance small businesses directly, but instead work with the market to provide funding through our delivery partners. Our partners have investment programmes for a broad range of small and high growth businesses across sectors, regions and business stages.

Although we are Government-owned, we are managed independently. We have a clear mission, but with a high degree of flexibility to deliver our objectives, guided by our independent Board and investment committees. We design programmes and choose investments in response to needs and gaps in the market and continually look for new methods and partners to address the challenges small businesses face.

Debt finance

Debt finance

Through our investment programme, we’re not only increasing the supply of debt finance to smaller businesses, but making the available options more diverse too.

Equity capital

Equity capital

By investing through partners in funds and high-potential businesses, our equity programmes work to provide a larger and more diverse range of equity finance options.

Latest updates

25 November 2021

Asset finance companies provide funding to smaller businesses which need to acquire...

22 November 2021

British Business Investments – Full year results for the period ending 31 March 2021

05 November 2021

British Business Investments announces £5m commitment to Green Angel Syndicate...

01 November 2021

British Business Investments announces new £30m commitment to Mobeus Equity Partners

Our objectives

Increase supply


Increasing the supply and choice of finance to small and medium-sized businesses across the UK

Diversity of funding

Diversity of funding

Helping to create a more diverse finance market

Regional access

Regional access

Identifying and helping to address regional imbalances in access to finance

Commercial rate of return


Managing taxpayers’ money efficiently, whilst generating a commercial rate of return