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Beware of scams

We are aware of scams coming from email and social media where people try to impersonate us. We will never ask you for money or your bank details.

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Equity capital

Our equity programmes invest in large-scale, private sector managed funds of funds providing later stage capital, as well as alongside business angels and other early stage equity investors.

Supporting providers of equity capital

Our programmes increase the volume, diversity and accessibility of longer term equity finance – or patient capital – so that smaller businesses can access the finance they need to realise their growth potential. We achieve this by investing through partners in funds and high-potential businesses.

We launched a new Managed Funds Programme in 2018, designed to attract institutional capital into venture and growth capital.

In October 2018 we launched a Regional Angels Programme, designed to reduce regional imbalances in access to finance.

Managed Funds

Our Managed Funds programme seeks to draw in institutional capital to the UK’s venture and growth capital markets.

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