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“We seek to boost the amount of institutional funding to the UK's venture and growth capital markets, channelling later stage capital to innovative, high-growth businesses.”

UK Managed Funds

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The Managed Funds Programme, part of the Government’s response to the Patient Capital Review, helps address the UK’s patient capital funding gap.

In the UK, institutional investors have lower allocations to the venture capital asset class compared with their counterparts in the US. The new £500 million programme, run alongside the UK Innovation Investment Fund, seeks to continue our fund of funds investment experience and draw in institutional capital to the UK’s venture and growth capital markets.

The programme makes cornerstone investments in a number of large-scale, private sector managed funds of funds that invest in venture and growth capital funds backing innovative, high-growth businesses.

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The Request for Proposals for our Managed Funds programme is now downloadable, along with an accompanying Track Record Pro-forma.

If you have any queries about the Managed Funds programme, please contact:

Vianney De Leudeville

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