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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Partner: Hermes GPE
Region: South East
Location: Lower Eashing, Surrey

A member of the Unily team demonstrating the company's platform at a conference

Unily is an award-winning employee experience platform that empowers modern businesses with the best tools to communicate, collaborate and innovate.

It uses digital platforms to support internal teams or external stakeholders and is already used by several well-known global brands to support internal communications, productivity, employee engagement, and organisational culture.

Unily sought investment to provide scalability and to capture a larger market share from more established competitors. With funding from Hermes GPE and other investors, Unily is investing in AI innovation that is expected to be the focus of the next wave of growth in digital workplaces. Now benefiting from a set of experienced investors, the business is ready to expand further in anticipation of further growth in market demand.

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