We invest our capital on a pari passu basis alongside other institutional investors seeking commercial returns commensurate with the investment risk undertaken.

Supporting providers of debt finance

We support providers of debt finance to smaller businesses in the UK to promote volume and diversity of lending to SMEs by encouraging new entrants and supporting the growth of alternative lenders in the market. There are three areas of this market we support through our Investment Programme: Direct Lending, Structured Capital Solutions and FinTech.

Our Investment Programme is open to applicants that are best able to meet the following four primary objectives:

  • Support the development of diverse debt finance markets available to small and medium sized businesses (Diversification).
  • Mobilise additional funding from private sector sources to support lending to small and medium sized businesses (Leverage).
  • Channel finance to small and medium sized businesses in an effective, appropriate and responsible manner (Effective Deployment).
  • Expand the aggregate amount and/or types of debt funding available to small and medium sized businesses (Additionality).


Direct Lending

“Direct Lending has now gained market acceptance as an alternative source of capital for small and medium sized businesses.”

Richard Coldwell Director



“FinTech plays an important role in fostering innovation and enhancing competition in UK finance markets, becoming a growing source of funding for smaller businesses.”

Marilena Ioannidou Director


Structured Capital Solutions

“We are able to develop flexible, tailored solutions that unlock real growth for our partners and provide significant additional funding for smaller businesses in the UK.”

Adam Kelly Director


Our Partners