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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Nova Pangaea Technologies

Partner: Par Equity (Regional Angels Programme)
Region: North East
Location: Redcar

Nova Pangaea’s technology converts wood and crop residues into sustainable biocarbons, biopolymers, biochemicals and advanced biofuels, offering new sources of income for agricultural enterprises. It has the potential to reduce reliance on fossil fuels without taking up land suitable for producing food.

Nova Pangaea

Funding from Regional Angels Programme partner Par Equity, and others, gave Nova Pangaea the working capital it needed to establish new commercial partnerships while advancing its technology.

The finance will allow the Redcar based company to fund its operations through to IPO. Nova Pangaea expects this to afford it the scale to establish a first-of-a-kind 2G plant in the UK, which will open up opportunities in the sustainable aviation fuel market.