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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Beauty Pie

BBI Programme: Managed Funds Programme

Delivery partner: Top Tier Capital Partners

Beauty Pie is a beauty and wellness brand that gives its members access to owned products sourced from the world’s best labs at up to 70% off traditional retail prices. The company offers a technology-driven marketplace that cuts out intermediaries. The business has a strong overall focus on sustainable packaging including vegetable inks and recycled consumer grade plastic, and embodies cruelty free principles.

While starting out in beauty, Beauty Pie has the potential to broaden its offering into health, homeware and men’s grooming. Ultimately, the financing received from British Business Investments’ and others will help grow the business, increase top line revenue and allow for stronger hiring and recruitment of top-level talent.

Beauty Pie’s current focus is on expanding into new categories (supplements and devices), and on augmenting its executive team as it hires new talent in marketing and growth.

This year the company will also strengthen its engineering and technology leadership as well as appoint a general manager for the growing US business. After addressing Covid and supply chain macro concerns, and additional marketing spend (and a resulting return to growth) is expected later this fiscal year.

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