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8 July 2021

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Venture Capital: Why ‘fees on fees’ can be good for investors

For some private equity investors looking to allocate capital to the Venture Capital (VC) asset class, funds of funds are a no go. They traditionally have the reputation of being expensive, due to the double layer of management fees.

20 May 2019

Q&A with Bootstrap Europe’s Stephanie Heller

Bootstrap Europe II invests venture debt with a focus on high growth technology companies. The fund aims to provide successful entrepreneurs and their investors with less dilutive funding to help them grow quickly, and scale without giving up significant equity stakes in their business. We caught up with Stephanie Heller, Managing Partner and Founder of …

8 May 2019

Regional high-growth SMEs get a Boost

The recent announcement that British Business Investments has committed £50 million to BOOST&Co’s second fund, Industrial Lending II is a great example of how we make this strategy a reality. BOOST&Co is an independent asset manager specialising in lending solutions for high-growth SMEs in the UK. During 2019 they have expanded from their London office …

22 May 2018

Increasing access to patient capital

The year-long Patient Capital Review, led by the Treasury, showed that a lack of longer-term investment was holding back the development of these young innovative firms. This ‘patient capital gap’ slows firms’ growth, dampens their ambition and means that some are sold to trade buyers rather than growing to maturity in the UK. And with …